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2015-07-20 Introducing Rote

The blog has been a little quiet recently. Part of that is that summer is upon us in Austin: the temptations of Barton Springs, barbecue, and just cold beer on the patio are exerting a natural force on me in the opposite direction of my $EDITOR and $SHELL. The other factor, however, has been that what little free time I have after all that swimming, meat, and fermented beverages, has been taken up thinking about project called Rote.
The good news is that the service is nearly ready for launch. The even better news is that the Wordpress plugin (/which is useful even without the service, and which you should look into /right\_now/ if you've ever had difficulty keeping your Wordpress passwords secure and under control/) is out and can be found at the Rote downloads page. It should be available soon via one-click install from the repository.
While I certainly don't anticipate that the launch of the hosted service will result in my having /more/ free time, I am planning on making regular posts on a higher priority over the coming months, and have a few posts already gestating for upcoming release.